ROVAR play soulful & atmospheric Heavy Rock that‘s best enjoyed live and loud, banging your head in the middle of a crowd. At their live shows the boys give everything they‘ve got, radiating infectious energy from the stage. Vintage vibes and lots of soul – ROVAR are the salvation for everyone searching for honest, handmade Rock music.

ROVAR formed in March 2018 when Paul and Luca were looking for a new drummer for their Bluesrock trio and met up with Bennet. There was an instant connection between the three and they soon developed a perfect symbiosis playing and writing together. Fueled by their determination to improve and develop their music further they started crafting new songs together and ROVAR was born.

After a few months and a lot of live shows, the band decided to hit the studio. The result was a live recorded EP that captures the unrestrained power and drive of ROVAR‘s live performance. ROVAR have played shows with bands like Nightstalker, Komatsu and Zodiac among others.

Right now they are in the final stage of production of their full-length debut album. Stay tuned!

Videos & Tracks


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Management: hendrik@eat-music,net


Luca Mewes: Guitar, Vocals

Paul Ulrich: Bass

Bennet Fuchs: Drums

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