Grammy-certificate-holding guitarist John Konesky and Grammy-adjacent-vocalist Michael Joe Bray started Wynchester back in 2013. Like most great acts, Wynchester began as an excuse to play their favorite local watering hole in the San Fernando Valley.  However, their chemistry proved too powerful for such a small stage. It wasn’t long before they began writing material for their debut EP, Spreading the Gospel of Good Times, which was released in 2014. Later, after a successful crowd-funding campaign, they released their debut full-length, self-titled album in June of 2018.  Konesky has been Tenacious D’s electric guitarist since 2006, playing on their records, as well as full-band live shows. If you’ve ever seen Sasquatch open for Tenacious D, then you’ve seen Mike Bray singlehandedly kill it in front of 1000’s of people, all while wearing a head to toe Yeti costume. No small feat.. pun intended. 


They both also play in Kyle Gass of Tenacious D’s side project aptly titled The Kyle Gass Band, with which they've toured extensively throughout the US and Europe.  Perhaps you’re wondering why two individuals steeped in Tenacious D and Rock and Roll have any business playing country music. Well, they both were raised on it. In the Mid-West the guys grew up listening to classic Country with their dads. Bray literally performing as young as 12 with his father (drummer Gene Bray) at bars around central Illinois. In a sense, Rock and Roll was always a slight departure from their roots.  In late 2018 Tenacious D asked Wynchester to support them on their album release tour for Post-Apocalyptico. An odd pairing no doubt, but the results were overwhelmingly positive, somehow winning over Metalheads with their own brand of country. With equal parts respect-for-the-classics, clever songwriting, and a little splash of Spinal Tap’ian snark, the guys have grown a refreshingly eclectic fan base. As their song states, “All Walks of Life,” is the band’s mission statement. A sentiment passed down to Bray from his father, it’s a meet-us-in-the-middle-and-let’s-all-have-a-drink spirit that permeates their music and shows. It’s always gonna be a good time, and everyone is invited!

…Still on the fence? Allow the following online blog quotes to eradicate any remaining doubt:

“Playing in front of a plain curtain, all the focus turned to Wynchester. Two men, two guitars and two voices working perfectly in sync were all Konesky and Bray needed to capture the minds of the fans already packing out the theater’s seats.”
-        Cryptic Rock
“Wynchester proudly reigns in honky tonk country much the same way Tenacious D does for heavy metal. Comprised of Mike Bray and John Konesky, the duo’s soaring, toe tapping set perfectly whet the audience’s appetite.”
-       L.A. Record

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Mike Bray [vocals, guitar]

John Konesky [vocals, guitar]




[2018 Eat Music / Spacehorse Records]

Spreading The Gospel Of Good Times

[2014 Spacehorse Records]



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