Talent First

EAT MUSIC is a talent first agency.

Our vision is to offer talents the best and most state-of-the-art solutions for building a successful, long-lasting career in the music industry.

We represent talents who like us invest the same passion, team spirit, commitment, and loyalty into their career.

EAT MUSIC Services

International Touring

Touring is the heartbeat of an artist ‘s career. 

It is the most efficient and qualitative way of building a loyal fanbase, the core of a successful business. Touring is based on a profound strategy and demands a highly professional work ethic, determination, and of course a solid network in the global live music markets. 

Our talents are constantly touring all over the world.

Talent Management

Manage. Together.

Our talent management approach is based on a talent-agency symbiosis concept. Nowadays talents need to understand themselves as entrepreneurs more than ever in the history of popular music.

We build management teams together with our talents based on a constant exchange of ideas and well-structured strategic task sharing. 

Release Marketing 

Release music. Build your brand. 

We strongly believe in the future of independent music releases with digital distribution partners to continuously build successful music brands.

In early 2022 we partnered with Believe Music aiming to offer our artists an innovative solution for digital music releases combined with what we call Release Marketing.

Release Marketing is a great tool to promote new music and everything that comes along with it.

At EAT MUSIC, we enjoy working with inspiring talents, the precious core of any form of creative art. We strive for giving our talents every possible support to follow their creative visions.

Founded in 2007 by Hendrik Wippermann out of passion for music and the ever-changing challenges of the music industry, we follow a clear vision: We offer our artists the best possible and most innovative solutions to build a successful and long-lasting career in music and entertainment industry.

The music industry is in a constant state of change. With the growing challenges demands on artists are growing every day. We believe that artists as entrepreneurs more than ever need small, reliable, and committed teams to successfully achieve their goals in the long run.

We seek to team up with talents who like us invest the same passion, team spirit, commitment, and loyalty into each project we work on.

It is all about creating solutions, developing strategies, and efficiently realizing creative projects in teamwork with the talents.

We think of ourselves as a talent-first agency.