Talent First

EAT MUSIC - The New Talent Agency

At EAT MUSIC, it's not just a phrase – it's our ethos: "Talent First!"

Our vision is to equip talents with the finest and most cutting-edge solutions, fostering a solid base for a flourishing career in the music industry.

We proudly stand for artists who, like us, infuse their careers with boundless passion and steadfast team spirit.

Loyalty and reliability serve as our cornerstones, underlining our commitment to artists and their transformative journeys.

EAT MUSIC Services

International Touring

Touring is the heartbeat of an artist's career

Touring forms the core of an artist's journey, fueling their career's rhythm.

It's the ultimate method for cultivating a devoted fanbase, the bedrock of success.

Touring demands strategy, professionalism, and a network in global music markets.

Our talents continuously tour worldwide, sharing their music's heartbeat.

Talent Management

Manage. Collaborate.

Our approach to talent management is founded on a symbiotic relationship between talents and agencies. In today's evolving landscape, artists must embrace their roles as entrepreneurs more than ever before in the history of popular music.

We collaborate closely with our talents to construct management teams, fostering a continuous exchange of ideas and strategically distributing tasks for maximum effectiveness.

Release Marketing 

We firmly believe in the future of independent music releases through digital distribution partnerships, a steady path to crafting successful music brands.

In the beginning of 2022, we joined forces with Believe Music, dedicated to offering our artists an innovative solution for digital music releases, enriched by our Release Marketing strategy.

Release Marketing serves as a powerful tool for introducing new music and its accompanying facets to the world.

At EAT MUSIC, we love partnering with inspiring talents—the beating heart of all creative endeavors. Our mission is simple: to offer unwavering support in bringing their creative visions to life.

Established in 2007 by Hendrik Wippermann, driven by a passion for music and a deep understanding of the ever-changing music industry, our goal is crystal clear. We're here to provide our artists with the best and most innovative solutions, helping them build lasting and successful careers in music and entertainment.

In an industry that's always evolving, the demands on artists are growing daily. We firmly believe that, now more than ever, artists need reliable and committed teams to help them succeed in the long run.

We're on the lookout for talents who, like us, pour the same passion, team spirit, commitment, and loyalty into every project.

Our focus is on creating solutions, crafting strategies, and bringing creative projects to life collaboratively with our talents.

At heart, we're a talent-first agency, putting artists and their visions front and center.