Saint Deamon

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A formidable force in the realm of Power Metal, wielding a polished sound infused with grand symphonics and intricate layers of Prog-Metal intricacy.
Hailing from the vibrant music scene of Sweden, Saint Deamon emerged onto the stage in the late 2000s, boasting an impressive lineup of former members from acclaimed acts such as Highland Glory and Dionysus.

With their distinctive blend of musical prowess, the band quickly solidified their position as one of the European Power Metal icons, unleashing a series of hardcharging albums that have left an indelible mark on the genre. Notable releases in their discography include "In Shadows Lost from the Brave" (2008), "Pandemonium"(2009), "Ghost" (2019), and their most recent opus, "League of the Serpent" (2023). The inception of Saint Deamon dates back to 2006, and over the years, the band has evolved and refined their sound, reaching new heights with each album. The addition of Norwegian vocal powerhouse Jan Thore Grefstad (formerly of Highland Glory), guitarist extraordinaire Toya Johansson, bass virtuoso Nobby Noberg (formerly of Dionysus), and the recent inclusion of drummer Alfred Fridhagen has further strengthened their musical arsenal. In 2008, Saint Deamon unleashed "In Shadows Lost from the Brave" upon the world, featuring the unforgettable anthem "My Heart" as a single, catapulting the band to international acclaim. Beyond the studio, Saint Deamon's live performances are a testament to their mastery, showcasing exceptional musicianship and awe-inspiring vocals that few can rival.

Saint Deamon continues to push the boundaries of their genre, forging ahead with their powerful live shows and a commitment to creating music that resonates with the hearts and souls of fans worldwide. With their unwavering dedication to their craft, Saint Deamon is a band that stands as a beacon of excellence in the world of Power Metal.