Spin Doctors

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Thirty years. It’s an eternity in rock ‘n’ roll, and a marathon for thebands who fly its tattered flag. Revisit the class of 1988, and thecasualties are piled high: a thousand bands that blew up andburnt out. In this chew-and-spit industry, the Spin Doctors are thelast men standing, still making music like their lives depend on it,still riding the bus, still shaking the room. They’ve never been aband for backslaps and self-congratulation. Even now, plans areafoot for a seventh studio album and another swashbucklingworld tour, adding to their tally of almost two thousand shows. 

  • 12 million + albums sold
  • Grammy nominated - Best Rock Performance by a Group
  • Pocket Full of Kryptonite: 5x platinum in US, Canada andAustralia, Certified Gold in Germany, UK, Norway and Sweden
  • Turn it Upside Down: Certified Gold in USA, Canada and UK
  • Multiple Billboard hit singles including Two Princes, Little MissCan't Be Wrong, You Let Your Heart Go Too Fast and JimmyOlsen Blues

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