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The Grand East - Biography

It was the summer of 2020. Two years after their latest release, DIY-psych-soul-rockers The Grand East drop their new single ‘Absolute’. It took a bit, while the band was playing
an enormous amount of festivals and radio/tv-shows throughout Europe in the last years. Now drummer Ima quit and Corona threw a spanner in the works of a large Eastern Euro- tour, Arthur Akkermans, Niek Cival en Teun Eijsink retreated theirselves in a new build studio to work on new songs.

‘Absolute’ defines the new The Grand East, still their musical outbreaks can feel like
psychedelical trips, in 'Absolute' the band found a more electronic and meditative sound.
'Absolute' got it's poppy chillness by it's subtile surprises that leads you by the edges of the river Saint John. Like Kevin Morby meets Warhaus in the bedroom.
Originally the foundations of the song were recorded as part of the band’s appearance in
‘Wolffcast’ a podcast made by their musical friends DeWolff. The single is a reflection of the actual state the band is in at this very moment. Not restricted by the absence of a drummer, they downloaded a HTML Drum Machine which brings in it's ongoing cadence. The artwork has been designed out of charcoal by vocalist Arthur Akkermans.

The Grand East got to know eachother as kids, playing the fields and forests in far East part of The Netherlands. Rider dirt bikes, drinking their first beers together. During highschool this brotherhood formed a band that now musically sticks together like glue. Over the last 5 years The Grand East is playing shows throughout Europe. In their home country The Netherlands, the band hits many famous clubs like Paradiso and AFAS Live and gets to play the main stages of festivals like Zwarte Cross, Dauwpop and ESNS.


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